• ✓Portable brush pouch, easy to take with you..
  • ✓Suit for professional usage and green hands..
  • ✓Material: Synthetic hair and Aluminum.
  • ✓Superior Quality: 100% Genuine Quality Product For more product options, please visit our store .Please ensure you choose "Sold by DALUCI " for Good Quality. If you have any problems with your order please contact us for prompt and courteous service.Our Every Product Comes With Our Brand Packing Box Or Bag..
  • Imported from INDIA.
Description ✓12pcs Professional Make up Brush Set Foundation Blusher Face Powder. ✓Whole make up set, smooth for skin, light and small for storate or carring. ✓Portable brush pouch, easy to take with you. ✓Suit for professional usage and green hands. ✓Material: Synthetic hair and Aluminum ✓Handle Material: Wood Specifications ✓1. Large loose paint brush, blush brush trimming brush 14cm. ✓2. Blush brush 12.8cm. ✓3. Flat foundation brush length 13.5cm. ✓4. Large eye shadow brush blooming 13.5cm. ✓5. Flat foundation brush trumpet 13.7cm. ✓6. Medium eye shadow brush, blending brush length 13.2cm. ✓7. Large angled brow brush, shadow brush trimming 13.5cm. ✓8. Small eye shadow brush 13cm. ✓9. Small bevel eyebrow brush 13cm. ✓10. Lip brush length 12.5cm. ✓11. Eyeliner brush length 12.5cm. ✓12. Start trimming Flat brush 18cm with 10.5cm closure. Package Included 1 set of 12pc Brushes

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