• Contains: 1.
  • Pack of: 24.
  • Color: Black.
  • For Professional Care.
    Cover those dark circles, dust your cheeks with blush, and make your face look flawless by using the brushes from this 24-piece brush set. These brushes, which are made from synthetic fibres, can be used to improve your beauty regime. Contains: 1 Pack of: 24 Color: Black For Professional Care Brush Type: Large Fan Brush (Used For Cleaning Extra Powder On Face, Make It Natural), Small Fan Brush;, Powder Brush (Used For Face Powder), Blusher Brush, Shadow Brush, Foundation Brush, High Light / Nasal Shadow Brush, Large Eye Shadow Brush, Middle Eye Shadow Brush, Large Paste Brush (Helper For Paste & Liquid Use), Middle Paste Brush, Small Paste Brush, Smoke Brush (Necessary Tool For Smoky Makeup), Blending Brush (Used For Eyes), Bevel Eye Shadow Brush, Eyelinr Brush, Lip Brush, Bevel Eyebrow Brush, Concealer Brush, Line Brush (Suitable For Lip Liner Eye Liner Lines), Eye Shadow Stick, Eyelash Curler, Eye Shadow Blending Stick, Eyelash Comb Model Name: Makeup Brush Set with PU Leather Case Model ID: SP-01