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Two Bare Feet MD Foamy Surfboard 6ft, 7ft, 8ft - Adult's & Kid's Soft Surfboards

Product Description

3 x fins included

6 x screws to fix your fins in place

1 x basic cord leash

Choose from 6ft, 7ft, 8ft

Imported from UK

This is the ideal first surfboard for all. The Two Bare Feet foamy range features high volume, forgiving boards that'll
have you catching and riding waves in no time at an incredibly low price point. The foam deck (XPE) means these are far
more buoyant than an alternative fibreglass option, making them easier to paddle, and most importantly, much easier to
stand on.

The soft foam deck also means that while you're going through the trials of learning, a stage where you will
undoubtedly fall on and/or be hit by your board, it'll hurt a whole lot less than a hard board.

Internally our foamys feature a buoyant, durable EVA core as well as wooden stringer which runs down the centre of the
board for extra strength. The underside of the board is slick, housing a thruster (three fin) setup - the most
functional and manoeuvrable you'll find. The fins are also flexible to avoid any injuries.

If you are unsure on which size to go for from our 6ft, 7ft and 8ft options, bear in mind that a bigger board will make
your life easier when learning. However, smaller children might find a bigger board difficult to handle.

Board Dimensions:

Length: 6ft* Width: 20 inch / 51cm
* Thickness: 3 inch / 7.5cm
* Volume: 50 Litres
* Length: 7ft
* Width: 20 inch / 51cm
* Height: 3 inch / 7.5cm
* Volume: 50 Litres
* Length: 8ft
* Width: 21.5 inch / 55cm
* Height: 3 inch / 7.5cm
* Volume: 80 Litres

* 1 x softboard
* 3 x fins
* 6 x screws to fix your fins in place

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