• Intensive treatment applied daily,treats and prevents razor bumps and irrtation caused by shaving and ingrown hair.
  • Can be used on pimples ,razor bumps, ingrown hairs,razor burns,cold sores and skin redness.
  • Special formula kills bacteria and help to heal and improve the condition of the skin..
  • Offers relief from pseudofolliculitis,known as razor bump and other forms of eruptions.
  • 75ml.
  • Imported from UK.
Colour:Silver For normal and sensitive skin types, for use by men and women. Nyxon bump control is made with aloe vera and tea tree oil, this solution targets stubborn razor bump and minor irritation in a soft and caring way. The tea tree helps to fight and control bacteria while the aloe vera helps to soothe inflamed skin. Bump Control not only treats the condition it also prevents reoccurrence. Box Contains ------------ 1 x Nyxon Bump Control 75ml2.64 floz