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Razer Serval Bluetooth Game Controller Pad (Android / Shield TV / PC)

Product Description

Designed for the Razer Forge TV

Wireless mode (Bluetooth 3.0)

Wired mode (1.5 m Micro USB to USB)

4 Hyperesponse action buttons

Adjustable game clip

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Imported from UK

Control goes beyond pure power, it requires absolute adaptability. Complete with the features of a full-fledged console
controller, the Razer Serval elevates your android gaming experience to a whole new level. Designed for the Razer Forge
TV, this Bluetooth enabled gaming controller has been built with the same precision and ergonomics as Razer's award
winning console controllers.

Together with an adjustable game clip for your mobile phone, the Razer Serval can be used for a multitude of functions,
making it the ultimate controller for gaming on your Android devices.

Built with tactile Hyperesponse ABXY action buttons, D-pad, analog sticks, two triggers, and additional Android
navigation buttons, the Razer Serval enhances Android gaming with the complete console controller experience. Designed
and optimized for comfort and precision, each button executes your commands exactly when you need them to, so you never
have to struggle with the lackluster responsiveness of touchscreens as you dominate your favorite games.

Engineered to be compatible across all platforms, this versatile gaming controller is at its core a device that has been
designed for Android gameplay. Featuring the ability to remember up to four unique device pairings, switching between
your Razer Forge TV, mobile phone, tablet, and PC is easy as you won't have to worry about struggling with multiple
controllers and settings.

Box Contains

Serval Game Controller;Game clip;Thumb grips;Quick start guide;Razer Sticker;Confirmation of Razer (Razer

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