Product Description

Dymatize Super Amino Liquid 23,000 is a premium source of proteins created using only the highest quality proteins available. This way, while serving this proprietary blend, you receive top primary and also secondary amino acids, the most valuable BCAAs being featured at an optimum ratio. Amino acids are crucial for muscles and are the most important elements when it comes to positive nitrogen balance. This, in turn, is responsible for the growth of new muscles. Amino acids are also important as they do not allow muscle proteins to be broken down in catabolic processes. This results in shorter recovery times and minimum damage after more intense training sessions. Dymatize Super Amino Liquid 23,000 is one of the leading amino acid products on the market, as it features no less than 23,000mg of essential and secondary amino acids in a single serving. Thus, while serving Dymatize Super Amino Liquid you will get much closer to reaching your goals. The hydro-amino bond is crucial in the

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