• Essential Brush Tool: These brushes are perfect for liquids, powders or creams to create a beautiful face and eye makeup application. The set includes eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, powder brush, concealer brush, contour brush and eyelash, eyebrow brush for daily use..
  • Fantastic Bristles: signature quality Foolzy brushes are unique, versatile and the perfect addition to complete your brush collection. These synthetic bristles of exclusive quality are truly outstanding silky soft and they have a fine density to evenly apply cream and powers products onto the skin for a high definition effect ..
  • Natural Bamboo: Each brush handle is structured with standard Ferrule and made from a lightweight, sustainable carbon grill bamboo which make them scratch resistant and guaranteed to last. The smooth surface is also easy to clean and comfortable to touch..
  • Choose between angled, tapered, and blender brushes to apply foundation, contour, buffing, highlight, and any blending necessary to achieve the exact look you want.
  • Imported from INDIA.
Makeup Brush Set By Foolzy - Accentuate Your Best Features This Assorted Makeup Brush Set Containing 11 Pieces From Foolzy Has A Brush For Every Need, Making It The Perfect Addition To Your Kit. Each Of These Brushes Is Essential For Proper Application Of Makeup, And Is Designed To Cater To The Individual Needs Of Your Face, Eyes, Or Lips. Their Soft And Dense Nylon Bristles Aid In The Flawless Application Of Makeup.Assortment Of BrushesThis Brush Set Comes With 24 Brushes That Collectively Cater To Every Part Of Your Face For Flawless Makeup Application. The Face Brushes Help To Set The Base, While The Array Of Eyeshadow Brushes Lets You Define Your Eyes With Precision. Use The Lip, Blush, And Brow Brushes To Complete Your Look.Soft Bristles The Calibre Of Makeup Brushes Is Largely Dependent On The Softness And Density Of Their Bristles. The Top Of Each Unit In This Set Of 24 Brushes Is Packed With Soft, Fluffy Bristles To Ensure An Even Application. The Softness Also Helps In Blending The Makeup Effectively While Being Gentle On The Face. For Best Results Purposes, Replace Your Brushes Every 12 Months.Sturdy Wooden Handles The Delicate Bristles Of A Brush Must Be Held Together By A Sturdy Handle. Weak Handles Can Break Easily, Rendering Your Brush Useless. This Assortment Of 24 Makeup Brushes Has Been Constructed With Sturdy Handles Made Of Wood To Provide The User With A Comfortable Grip.

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