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Musical Instruments > Product: 64807953

Blue Panther D'Addario EZ910 Bronze Light (.011-.052), 85/15 Acoustic Guitar Strings

Size: EZ910
BD 2.900

Get it by May 05 to May 13 with standard delivery.

Product Description

Light gauge (.011-.052)

Wound strings are round wound, made from 85/15 bronze. Unwound strings are plain steel

Strings packaged in corrosion intercept bags for guaranteed freshness

One complete set of acoustic guitar strings

Easily understood instructions for identifying strings

No strain on hands

Package: 1 Guitar string pack

Imported from INDIA

D'Addario EZ910 American Bronze acoustic guitar strings, which offer bright tone with great sustain. They combine the
brilliance of 80/20 Bronze with the tonal characteristics of Phosphor Bronze. D'Addario is the world's largest
manufacturer of strings for musical instruments. Many top guitarists won't play any other brand. Regardless of your
playing style, D'Addario has a set of strings that's right for your acoustic guitar.D'Addario EZ910 American Bronze
Gauges 11-15-24-32-42-52

From the Manufacturer

85/15 Great American Bronze wound strings combine the brilliance of 80/20 alloy strings with the great sustain and
long-lasting characteristics of phosphor bronze.

85/15 Bronze Explained

An alloy of 85% copper and 15% zinc, 85/15 bronze combines the brilliant sound characteristics of 80/20 bronze with the
greater sustain usually found in phosphor bronze strings.

Plain Steel Explained

A high carbon steel alloy wire that is round in cross section. Used for plain steel strings.

When do I change my strings?

Don’t wait until they break! The frequency you should change strings depends on how often you play, how you play, and
in what conditions your instrument is played and stored. Active performers may need to change their strings on a weekly
basis or even more often if they suffer from acidic perspiration. Occasional players may take months to wear out a set.
Most players change strings when they lose their brilliance, sound too mellow, when intonation falters or when their
instrument is difficult to keep in tune. Changing one string after it breaks is not recommended as the newer string will
be brighter-sounding than the rest of the set.

How can I clean my strings?

Hand perspiration and dirt build-up are the main culprits that shorten string longevity. Wipe strings down with a clean
cloth after each session. For those of you with more acidic perspiration, wipe strings down with Planet Waves String

Which string set is for me?

Whether choosing electric, acoustic, classical or other strings, the right string tension for your style is a matter of
trial and error and is of utmost importance. Experimenting with different tensions can bring out a completely different
character and sound of your instrument and in the style of your play. You should not assume that the string tension the
guitar manufacturer selected at the factory is the right tension for you.

Custom blending of light and medium sets or extra light and light sets is also an option. For example the EXL140 set
combines the trebles of a regular light electric set with the basses of a jazz EJ21 set. This allows easy bending of
treble strings with the heftier bass response of the heavier EJ21 strings.

Light gauge strings are the most popular and are recommended by most makers. Lighter overall string tension ensures
longer soundboard and neck life. Heavier tensions are not recommended for guitars built with fragile tops. Medium gauge
strings offer more projection on heavier built instruments.

Classical sets are gauged in light, normal, hard and extra hard tensions. Although the total pull of classical strings
is much less than their steel string counterparts, the string height is set higher on classical guitars. This fact makes
the tension difference critical.