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Scientific Explorer Poof Slinky My First Chemistry Kit, Multi Color

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Product group is toys and games

Product type is chemistry

It is a fun and educational make it yourself kit that introduces kids to the wonders of chemistry

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Imported from INDIA

The poof slinky scientific explorer my first chemistry is a fun and educational make it yourself kit that introduces
kids to the wonders of chemistry. Chemists study the stuff that makes up people, plants, animals, rocks, water and even
the whole universe. If your child likes mixing, separating things and watching how they change, they will love
chemistry. This beginner s chemistry kit allows young chemists to perform several amazing safe and fun activities like
exploring the invisible world with a high quality microscope, making powders disappear and then reappear, turning
liquids into solids, making their own rainbow disk and making things fizz, foam and jiggle. Children will test solutions
with pH paper to understand acids and bases, while learning some cool science that explains how all of this magic
happens it s chemistry. In each of the 14 activities included, your child will act and think like a real chemist by
comparing things, asking questions and making observations using their different senses. Let s get chemical and explore
a future in science at an early age. Scientific explorer s my first chemistry kit includes citric acid, baking soda,
gelatine, 6 strips of ph. paper, 5 plastic cups, magnifier, measuring spoon, microscope, 2 petri dishes, pipette, stick
and a 15 page activity guide. My first chemistry is part of the exceptional series of home science kits based on the
nationally recognized great explorations in math and science gems program pioneered at UC Berkley's Lawrence hall of
science. The poof slinky 0sa508 scientific explorer my first chemistry kit is recommended for children 4 years of age.
Poof slinky is the manufacturer of the world famous slinky and the top selling poof foam sport balls in north America.
Ideal and scientific explorer are other well known brands, rounding out the poof slinky family.

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