• Ancestor of motif sound.
  • Imported from UK.
32-Part multi-timbral capacity, with two independent MIDI input ports 64-note polyphony Sound Module Modes XG (Extended General MIDI), TG300B, C/M, and Performance Voices Outstanding selection of incredible voices!! Total Voices - 729 Voices :- XG - 537 Voices / TG300B - 614 Voices / C/M - 128 (Parts 1-9), 64 (Parts 11-16) Drums Programs Total Programs 21 :- 11 in XG mode, 10in TG300B mode, in 1 C/M mode Performance Programs Up to four Voices plus all effect settings can be memorized to a Performance. 64 x 2 Preset Programs/ 128 User Programs Studio Quality Multi-Effect Processing Five separate effects sections- Reverb (12 Types), Chorus (10 Types), Variation (44 Types), Distortion (3 Types) and EQ (4 Types) - and all can be used at the same time. Effect send and return controls, plus System/ Insertion connection switching for the Variation Effects. A/D Input The inputs are for mixing external inputs with the internal Voices and effects. Special Performances 64 x 2 preset Performances, which combine up to four Voices and special settings for exceptionally rich and full sounds. 128 internal user Performance memory spaces for creating your own original Performances. Exceptional Ease of Operation and Comprehensive Compatibility A large, custom backlit display that is exceptionally intuitive, making the instrument extremely easy to understand and use. MU80 is compatible with General MIDI, you can easily take full advantage of the vast wealth of musical material available. XG Format Extended General MIDI, TG300B, C/M, and Performance. Fully compatibility with General MIDI, XG vastly extends and enhances the power of GM by: Significantly expanding the amount and types of available voices and variations. Computer/ Midi Interface Direct connection to host computer port (RS-232C, RS-422); Midi terminals allow connection to Midi sequencer or Midi controller
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