• Want the convenience of having your phone right next to you; but are tired of it falling down on every bump; with its TWO SPRING CLAMP and SIX MAGNET design; the iGrip Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount ensures a super strong grip on your Air Vent; and peace of mind that your phone will always be right where you left it. This may well be the PERFECT MIX of CONVENIENCE and SAFETY.
  • The 6 STRONG MAGNETS have been built for OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE - providing a reliable hold without interfering with the Smartphones functioning. The LARGER SURFACE AREA further ensures a uniform and dependable grip. This improved design provides a stronger and more secure hold on your phone. It might almost feel like it's MAGIC.
  • EASY TO SET UP and even EASIER TO USE. Designed to be used in your AC Vent; it is always within your reach without obstructing the windshield view. The DOUBLE SPRING CLAMP easily and securely fixes into most Cars. The ALLOY METAL PIVOT ball allows you to quickly and firmly adjust to an optimal angle and once the metal plate is attached to your phone; it's easier than 1; 2; 3.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - from HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE to the ANODIZED METAL BODY and PRECISION MAGNETS - all ensure a product that not only looks great but will last longer as well. The best part; it comes with MORE METAL PLATES than any other similar car mount; enough to magnetize all your Smartphones.
  • THE AMKETTE ADVANTAGE - HASSLE FREE 1 YEAR WARRANTY from a company that has valued customer for over 30 years..
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  • Imported from INDIA.
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