• Voltage: 220V; Stirring Speed: 0~210PRM; Working Platform: 315×218 mm(12.5″×8.5″).
  • This orbital shaker runs smoothly, with reliable performance, no vibration, no noise, timing availably, speed adjustable, easy to operate.
  • The machine is suitable for the mixture of syphilis testing card, latex reaction and complement binding assay, can also be used to homogeneously mixture of clinical and other biochemical tests.
  • It's mainly used for RPR detection card mixture, for epidemic prevention station, blood, skin and venereal disease prevention and control, hospital laboratory, etc.
  • This machine has the characters of stablity and easy for operation, which is applicable to hospitals, educational study units, sexual disease prevention centers, infection prevention stations, and blood collextion stations.
  • Same day delivery.
Orbital Rotator Shaker Adjustable Variable Speed Oscillator Shaker Lab Destaining Caution: AC power supply should have a reliable ground wire When working, place the vessel at a reasonable position on the platform To ensure the life of the instrument, the instrument should not be a long time without load, and turn off the power when not in use Do not open the case to avoid electric shock. Please refer to the manual of professional maintenance and repair When cleaning, please pull out the plug, use the wet cloth and warm water. Acetone and other organic liqiuds are forbidden Please send it to the qualified person for testing and maintenance Never open the cover for avoiding the electric shock Feature: Stable operation, reliable performance, easy operation. No vibration, ultra-quiet. The whole forming, design reasonable, beautiful appearance. Reasonable and scientific rotation speed. Specification: Power supply: AC 220V 60Hz Speed: 0-210 RPM Timer: 0-15 minutes mechanical timer or continuous operation Orbit diameter: 22 mm Platform size: 315×218 mm(12.5″×8.5″) Machine size: 320×320×130 mm(13″×13″×4.5″) Machine Weight: 3.3kg(7.26lb) Work: Timing/continuous Fuse: 1A Package Contents: 1 X Orbital Shaker 1 x English Manual