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PhysioWorld Foam Roller - Great for Muscle Massage, Pain Relief & Pilates

BD 10.600
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Product Description

Made from high-quality PE foam

Recommended to ease muscular pains and reduce tension - great to aid recovery from an injury

Used to improve core stability, flexibility and range of motion. Also widely used in Pilates.

Foam rollers are great for easing muscular pain and can be used in a wide range of stretching techniques as well as self-massage.

45cm x 15cm - Blue

Imported from UK

Foam Rollers are used to improve core stability, balance and flexibility.

They are a key part of many athletes' equipment and are used for warming up and warming down stiff muscles. They have
been proven to not only reduce soreness after exercise, but also increase your range of motion and improve circulation,
which speeds up recovery after physical activity.

The PhysioWorld Foam Roller has been designed to target sore muscles and painful trigger points. They help relieve
muscular pain and reduce tension.

They are ideal for a wide range of stretching techniques and are great for self-massage.

Key Features

45cm x 15cm or 90cm x 15cm
Made from PE Foam

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