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Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter (Lunch Money)

Product Description

Soft gold light with a reflective golden duo chrome finish - lunch $$ well spent.

Highly pigmented

Great for all skin tones but fabulous for light skin

Champagnes, cold tones, gold, silver, warm tones.

Imported from UK

Hand will offer the maximum amount of coverage. Tip: Use a flat synthetic cheek brush/foundation brush or a duo fiber
brush; Flat synthetic brush will give greater coverage and the duo fiber brush will give a purer air, brushed effect.
When finished: tight that sucker up tight. Do not leave the jar open for long periods of time; you can lose some of the
magic that makes the super shock cheek pearlized so amzzzing. Colour builds from natural for a more intense look. ...
build to the desire of your heart.

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